Thursday, January 3, 2008

trying this again.

well, i accidentially deleted my blog on tuesday. :( i am still waiting on a reply from blogger to see if there is anyway to bring it back.

i wasn't going to start a new one, since this pregnancy is almost over, and i'm pretty bummed about losing all my entries from the last one. :/ i think i've decided to still try and keep up with it, though, since it seems to be a good central way to keep everyone updated on everything going on with us.

i'm still pretty upset, though. my plan was to get the whole blog printed and bound from +hpt to birth for newbaby as a sort of pregnancy journal. maybe it's not a lost cause ... we shall see, i suppose.

i'm going to try to re-make my 37 week blog from tuesday in a little while. at least i have all my pictures saved to my hard drive. that would have been way more than a bummer.

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