Thursday, January 10, 2008

crappy cable.

where we live, we have this horrible cable company called mediacom. ...and not so much because we live in the middle of nowhere, more like the navy has a contract with them. we don't get cable tv from them, just Internet, but man - i am glad i don't depend on it for school or work. because i'd be failing and fired. the connection finally picked back up tonight after being s.l.ow. the past 3 days. i was able to upload some stuff i was trying to the other day. :)

when i wake up in the morning, i will be 11 (ELEVEN!!) days away from my due date! i really just cannot believe it. i am starting to feel more "mentally" ready, though. and things are winding down here, where there is almost nothing on the calendar the next couple weeks. the other two were both born 2 days before their due date, my midwife said not to hold my breath for the same this time, but it's hard to not be focused on that date, lol.

the supplies are all ready, we bought a new hose for the tub, our carpets and floors are sparkling. the doctor wouldn't give me anything more than motrin for the after pains since i'll be nursing again (thanks, doc!), and we meet with the photographer saturday morning! :)

we got the carpets cleaned this afternoon (yes, before i give birth at home - sounds backwards, i know! but they MUST be clean, lol.), so the kids had fun playing with things all morning that did NOT have a million little pieces to be cleaned up 100x. :) these kids could play dress up for hours. i'm just glad ethan's finally got a few things besides princess dresses to wear. ;)

how cute is this little rocker? i almost bought it a few times, but kept putting it back because, well .... it's easy to hide clothes and shoes, as i bring them into the house by the truckful.... but a big rocker, not so much! ;) anyway, my most favorite friend, and partner in crime ... err, SHOPPING, got it as a gift for baby-no-name. :*) she's got good taste. ;)
then, shocking! she also god newbaby this adorable dress i'd been eyeing recently, too.

how sweet is THAT!?

i also ended up making that "one last" sling ... i couldn't resist. good thing i'm out of rings (i actually had to cut an old one apart for these rings, lol), because i was just peeking at a couple more fabrics that i'd kill for!
my kangaroo korner adjustable fleece pouches also came in the mail this week. i got two, but they're exactly the same, just different sizes. i REALLY want the pouch thing to work this time. they look so convenient. and the fleece is so soft!

so this poor kid is still confined to a wall of our closet (and er, part of johns, lol). her stuff, at least. :P it's been so warm this week, i've been trying to to panic and run out and buy all warm weather newborn clothes! especially since the stores already have swimsuits out! with this baby measuring 40 weeks already, though, i am sort of afraid to buy anything else!
i keep feeling like i'm missing something, that we'll need SOMETHING immediately when she gets here & we won't have it ..... but i can't figure out WHAT, lol.

see ethan on my bed in the mirror? lol

i think that is it for now. i'll update saturday after we meet with the photographer. she comes highly recommended by my midwives, so i trust their instinct. it will make it all that much more real. eek! :)


Kerri said...

I want to see the diaper stash!! You are so ready for her:)

Deann H. said...

How did I miss that you're due the same day as my DH's bday? LOL that never clicked..
Looks like you're set! Good luck, she'll be here so soon!

Anonymous said...

You're in the home stretch! Yay! It looks like you have everything in order (including a clean house!). Seeing the pics of new-baby's clothes in your closet gave me the idea that I could do that, too (if need be). I always wondered what I'd do with another child's stuff since we wouldn't have another bedroom. (The bed and changing table could be in our room but I was worried about the clothes, etc.) Thanks! Oh, and tell the jerk doctor that it's safe for breastfeeding moms to take something more than ibuprofen. Yikes!