Tuesday, January 15, 2008

thirty nine!

the countdown is officially on! i've never made it to 40 weeks, so you'd *think* this may be my last belly picture, but who can really say for sure? going by lmp i'm due monday, but ovulation tuesday.... kayleigh and ethan were both born 2 dyas before their due date - anyone want to take bets, lol?

labor-wise, nothing has changed - which is normal for me. i've never had contracting, bleeding, plug-loss, or anything else labor-ish before i actually went INTO labor. could be tomorrow, could be 2 weeks from now!

i've decided friday would be a wonderful day for baby to come. at first i thought that would be a bad idea since the neighbors i share a (very thin!) wall with have karaoke every friday night ... but it would actually be pretty convenient. kayleigh doesn't go back to school until next wednesday, my mom could come up for the night, john could wait until saturday to start his baby leave.... but alas, it's not up to me!

the good news is, i'm finally READY! like mentally ready - not stuff-wise, lol. i guess having the past couple weeks to not have anything really going on to think about besides baby coming did some good. before then there was just so much else to concentrate on .... kayleigh starting school, vacation, john's deployment, christmas, thanksgiving (obviously not in order) ... the only things left in ink on the calendar are ethan's gym class friday, and a birthday party at a play gym kayleigh's got sunday.

39 big ones!

unfortunately, i've discovered another little circle of stretch marks (to the left of my belly button in this pic). :/ call me vein, but i'm not liking it ... i'll be glad when she's out and they stop appearing like magic. just another thing to show me how much bigger i got this time. eek!

we met with the photographer saturday. she was really nice, looking forward to seeing her again soon. not sure when i'll see the pics, probably with the birth ones? this is what my kids wore - obviously my snap, and not a professional picture, lol! love the box in my neighbor's yard!?
kayleigh got a hair cut yesterday! she's needed one desperately for MONTHS ... i finally got of my butt & took her in. it's a little shorter than i asked for, but she likes it, and it will be much more manageable. you can see how pale she is here, she has been a little off lately. monday she woke up complaining of an ear ache, which worried me since she's been so phlegm-y lately ... but she says she's feeling better today. hopefully the sickies stay away for a while.
it was 10pm before he let me take that hoodie off him, lol. it was so dirty, lol. he is almost over the cold/cough he got a couple weeks ago, though, so he's a lot less clingy - boy is that nice! it was getting hard to get anything done while carrying him everywhere!

i also decided on announcements to make. they super-not-fancy, but i think that means i'll actually get them out this time! last time i had cute ones planned out in photoshop, but with john gone & having two littles, i just never got to it. and bonus with these, is that it can be framed like a regular old 4x6 after it's received.

here is an example:

(credit to peressini at flickr.)

i already bought the vellum for them, and typed up the announcement to get it all justified right (minus all the real info, obviously, lol). the envelopes are on their way, so hopefully i'll be able to get them filled out before baby comes. otherwise that can be john's job while he's on baby leave.

i do need to find the paper clips, though. i've seen them online, but would love to avoid shipping. so far, joanns, target, and 2 scrap stores don't have them. i will probably break down & just order them online to avoid running around anymore. ---scratch that, i just ordered them online. lol. one less thing to do!

so .... that's it! not sure what the next few days/weeks will be like! it's all out of my hands, i suppose. my next midwife appointment is on tuesday jan 22nd - my due date! :) hopefully i won't make it there, but i'm not a gambling type of girl! ;)

if anything happens before 40 weeks, i'll try to update!

tick, tick, tick ....


Gracie said...

ucky7OOHHH I can't wait!!!

Jessica said...

WHOOO HOOO Can't wait!!!

Bard, Andrea, Mathis & Kate said...

Hi Jenn,

I'm just a lurker from MDC, but must comment about the announcements. I'm due the 28th with my 3rd as well and love, love, love those. So simple but beautiful. Where did you order the clips online? thanks :)