Wednesday, August 20, 2008

7 months!!!

norah hit 7 months on monday. where has the time gone??? she is crawling all over the place (which drives ethan crazy when she knocks over his magna-tile buildings!!), eating some veggies here and there at dinner with us (the whole thing, not cut or pureed), and just growing like a weed!

of course i could not let a month go by without our "onesie shots." as usual, here are all of them together - norah 1-12 months

just for fun .... 1 month

7 (duh!)

1 month


long time no blog!

this is for you, brandi! ;)

it's been a while. the crazyness that is moving, decorating, and KINDERGARTEN(!!!) has taken over. plus, i'm pretty lazy & get distracted easily, lol.

i'm going to try to post a few new blogs with our updates & goings on. :D

kayleigh started kindergarten last tuesday (one week today!). the first day was a piece of cake, but we had a few bumps along the way the rest of the week. so far this week has gone off wihtout a hitch, so i have high hopes.

she's in pm kindergarten which is from 11:45-2:30. here she is on her first day! :*)

taking the bus! eek. i stil freak out every time i think about it. my mind is eased a bit though, since the bus only has one stop. ours. :)