Wednesday, August 20, 2008

long time no blog!

this is for you, brandi! ;)

it's been a while. the crazyness that is moving, decorating, and KINDERGARTEN(!!!) has taken over. plus, i'm pretty lazy & get distracted easily, lol.

i'm going to try to post a few new blogs with our updates & goings on. :D

kayleigh started kindergarten last tuesday (one week today!). the first day was a piece of cake, but we had a few bumps along the way the rest of the week. so far this week has gone off wihtout a hitch, so i have high hopes.

she's in pm kindergarten which is from 11:45-2:30. here she is on her first day! :*)

taking the bus! eek. i stil freak out every time i think about it. my mind is eased a bit though, since the bus only has one stop. ours. :)


Mark & Brandi said...
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Mark & Brandi said... I can get my panties out of the bundle they created while waiting for you to update. K is adorable as always! Glad kinder is going much better this week! (she's mdae it home, well the correct home)

Hippie said...

Adorable pictures!!!!! Where did you find that dress?? Im in love!! :)

Maggii said...

awwww...she's sooo cute....what a pretty dress. Did you make it?