Monday, July 21, 2008

six months!

Norah is 6 months old! It happened so quickly, but she's now officially half a year old!

she is getting better at sitting unassisted, army crawling like a champ, and still going strong nursing.

of course we had to do her onesie/monkey picture! it is a few days late, though. i put her in the onesie on friday, and before i got around to the picture, she found a piece of paper on the floor and choked on it, throwing up milk & bile all over the onesie. she didn't even seem bothered, in usual norah fashion, lol. ....but the onesie had to be washed.

here are all the pictures 1-6 month together - Norah 1-12 Months

as for unpacking ... we're getting closer. i am not sure why it is so much harder this time. we do have WAY less storage space with is making this a little difficult, but it is making me realize we have just way too much STUFF!

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Gracie said...

Aww she is getting so big! I forgot to post Ko's 5 month so now I will wait till 6. How much is she weighing now?