Saturday, July 5, 2008

our journey.

we left north carolina on a saturday morning. we drove for 3 days, about 9 hours each (nto counting breaks) before stopping at a hotel for the night. we got into colorado monday night & have been in a hotel ever since. we get into our house on july 17th!

this was in west virginia off the mountains. anyone know if it has a name? :)

this rain was so bad on day2 that we had to pull off the road. we decided to look for somewhere to spend the night, but it cleared up pretty quickly. this was around 4pm & it was almost pitch black!

our van has a little mirror to watch the back seat, it cracks me up, like those shows where you see the camera mounted in a car. poor kayleigh is all the way in the back, you can't even see her.

i was trying to read through all the dslr lessons i have printed out, but i couldn't do a lot of the activies in a confined space. :(

i got john a tom tom for christmas. most of the time it's really nice, and fairly acurate. and other times .... not so much.
here is a private farm tom tom tried to take us through on a dirt road.

wind farm! oddly enough a car with stickers promoting veggie fuel drove past us right as we were approaching the windmills! it's that black car on the right. :)

finally. HOME!

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Christina said...

Tomtom takes us down some crazy roads too.

Can you share your manual mode lessons with me?? I need them!