Saturday, July 5, 2008

keeping busy.

well, the first picture has nothing to do with keeping busy, but i thought i'd share our sleeping arrangements for the next 17 days.

john, norah, and i all sleep on the queen bed over behind kayleigh. kayleigh does not want ethan sleeping anywhere near her, so we brought the aerobed in from the van, and he sleeps on that. lastly, kayleigh sleeps on the pull out couch. it makes for pretty close quarters, but they were all out of rooms with actual ROOMS, lol. it's getting old putting it up & taking it down every day. only 12 more nights until we're in our own beds again!

we made rice crispy treats the other night. thre kids had never made them before. so healthy! lol. i accidentally doubled the rice crispies, so they were actually a pretty light snack, lol.

we went on a nature walk a few days ago to get some things for THIS supercool project. they turned out awesome (of course i haven't taken a pic of the end result, yet).

norah enjoyed the walk, but it sure did wear her out! :)

molding the sculpey
ethan decided he'd rather make "the biggest worm in the whole wide world!"
the hotel we're staying in has a pool. it's pretty nice because they supply the towels, and it's pretty empty most of the time! we're going to put the kids in lessons this winter. they're still relying mostly on the swimmies. it's hard to take three kids alone in the pool, though, so for now we're keeping the swimmies on.

since norah is so mobile now, there is really no safe spot here in the hotel for me to put her while i shower, clean up, etc. we picked up this bumper jumper & it is really pretty great. the only place it fits in the hotel is the bathroom, so please excuse the toilet in the background. :)


Amy said...

I love those pictures. And I feel total sympathy for you in a hotel room! My kids are older, and I wouldn't want to to do 2 weeks in one! The girls are in swim lessons this summer... one's scared to death, and one's the type to walk right off the deep end, lol.

Gracie said...

They look like good swimmers to me. Norah seems to enjoy that jumper too.