Sunday, September 21, 2008

eight months!

norah is 8 months ... i feel like i was just writing about her hitting 7! nothing too new to report.... still have the two teeth, not walking alone, yet ... thankfully! she is starting to get a little more routine in her naps, although with kayleigh's schedule it makes it hard to work around.

for some reason, since i resized these pics before uploading they all look a little squished or over sharpened. hopefully you can click to see the bigger version. these are all with the d90 & the 50mm. i'm enjoying it, but there are more options than the d40, so i'm a little befuddled...

these shots are harder & harder to get ...most looked like this, lol!

i have a pic of the other kids in this hat when they were babies ... but they were SMILING, lol. i'll have to try again soon.

this was hard, the color was off & i was up high on a ladder, lol.

i like it a bit better in b&w.

see, no lie ... i was up on a ladder. and i moved the couch to the dining room, lol.
kayleigh was at school when i took those, but ethan was around. he is starting to get the hang of the skateboard a bit better. i think he's so cute! he thinks he's so big! :)

i have some more pics & videos to upload from my birthday, ect ... but it's late ... and the baby is tossing & turning, which means it's about time for me to head up! :)


Melodie said...

Wow, Jenn! You have your own little studio set up now, huh? I love how you use natural light in your pictures.

jenn said...

thanks melodie!! :)

Shel said...

omg Norah is starting to look just like Ethan! I know I've been a bad blogger buddy and haven't checked up much lately and I guess that's why I'm having a hard time figuring out how it went from newborn announcement pics to 8 MONTHS so dang fast!!!

She's getting so big and more adorable every day Jenn!

you could totally start up a home business with that little studio set up and the absolute professional looking pics you take! It's brills!