Sunday, September 14, 2008

the good, the bad, & the disgusting!!!

first i must rave about this delicious granola. oh, i could eat a whole bag in one sitting!!too bad it's 200calories for a 1/2c. :) go buy some!

here is where the bad & ugly come into play. i bought a jug of starbucks white mocha syrup. it's been working out pretty well. i made a hot or cold drink every morning depending on what it's like outside.

anyway, friday i made a drink & something was off so i dumped it. saturday morning the same thing happened. i couldn't figure out what i was doing wrong. i was making it the same way i had been for days. i checked the date on the jug, milk, coffee - all fine ....

later i asked john to make me one, because i was just not doing something right .... SAME THING!! so finally it hits me - SMELL THE MILK! i have never been so grossed out in my LIFE. never have i smelled sour milk, the milk was 2 weeks from expiring, and i just opened a couple days before! i sent organic valley an email last night. for $4 a half gallon, i want fresh milk! i can still taste that gross taste in my mouth. yuck ..

poor john used the milk in his coffee that morning. and ETHAN! oh .. we were out of soy milk, so i gave him a cup of the cow milk. oh man, he told me it was bad, but i thought he was just complaining because it wasn't soy - oops ... i don't think i'll ever use milk again without smelling it first. the date lied!

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