Wednesday, September 3, 2008

this, that, & the other thing....

i'm with the band.
is it fall, yet???

i love fall!! i simply cannot wait! we've gotten a taste of it for the past couple days & i'm so excited! can you tell? halloween pj's & pumpkin gear?? :)

this one makes me giggle. :)

kayleigh is loving school now, AND the bus! john was off last friday so he was going to drive her in & she had no interest! she wanted to go on the bus with her girlfriends!

it definitely has made me feel a bit better, but i still wonder if public school & such large classes & teacher to student ratios are what she needs? john is pretty against homeschooling. don't ask him why, his reasons make no sense ... but i think if i petitioned hard enough he would see the light.

i am unsure i can commit enough to it, though, so it is why we've gone the ps route at the moment. we'll see ....
also, i must pay homage to our poor little tripos. may you rest in peace billy & jimmy. sorry about the noodle incident. it was all john's fault.

norah is all over the place now! she started pulling up & cruising all in one week. now i'm trying to figure out how to keep her from falling. she's smacked her head a few times, but it doesn't slow her down too much!

we went to the zoo monday. we actually had gone on the spur of the moment sunday, but it was packed. we just headed to whole foods for some groceries & called it a day.
that night we packed everything up, and got there before they opened monday. it was fantastic. i'm used to mainly doing things during the week since john is gone so often, and when we go on the weekends, i'm reminded how much i hate crowds!
kayleigh brought her kid camera & filled up her memory card, john transfered all the pics to a digital frame in her bedroom. :)

i've been trying to get a good pic of all three for a canvas i've got a free coupon for .... i just don't see it ever happening!

so we've been giving norah somethign other than breastmilk here & there. mostly it keeps her busy while *we eat dinner. :) green beans & crusty bread are a couple favs! i love the fuss-free start of solids when you wait until they can feed themselves! :)

that's about it for now, i suppose! :D


Kristine said...

I love N in her pumpkin gear!

You’ve got to be careful when you’ve got good love said...

thas great shes soooo excited about school... she has great parens that the ratios wont bother her she'll still excell awesome... your family is so cute...

Tiara said...

You have a beautiful family, Jenn. Norah has gotten SO big, they grow up so quickly! I love Norah in her pumpkin gear, way cute. Fall is my favorite season too...our friends and family laugh because I have had the kids Halloween costumes for a few weeks now and Mason ask daily if we can go to the pumpkin patch yet LOL

Jen said...

I LOVE fall, too! (HATE winter, though.) Loving Norah's "pumpkin gear"...toooo freaking cute! She's getting so big. I think she looks just like Ethan, but girly. The pic of her and Ethan on the floor is adorable. You have 3 cute/adorable/beautiful kids!

Kara said...

she is looking so much like your other kids now, maybe it's just because i hadn't seen pictures in a while...but wow! :) i think that one shot of the three of them (with ethan in his shades & norah looking right at the camera) is a great picture of them all!