Sunday, September 14, 2008

here we go again!!

so i'm trying to test out picasa's new feature to upload pics straigh from your computer to blogger... it's only giving me a few pictures at a time, though, so i guess i'll split up the posts for now.

the weather here has been great! it's been ranging from 65-85 mostly. perfect! anyone who doesn't like fall is CRAZY! we're going to rent a cabin in january up in the mountains. hopefully both of our parents will be able to come, but we'll see.

all bundled up heading to the bus stop!

last weekend we were pretty busy. we were just going to to to the corn maze at the botanic gardens, but i didn't realize there was more than one location until we were almost at the wrong one. we were right by the denver aquaruim at that point, and 45 minutes away from the maze, so we decided to just check out the fish.

It was actually pretty nice. Much better than the run down one in virginia beach. i didn't have the right lens on for close shots, since i had planned on being in a big field of corn, but here are a couple pics. :)

also, they had tigers - which is pretty strange for an aquarium ... but ahhh .. they're SWIMMING tigers, lol. now it makes sense, eh?

sunday we finally got to the corn maze! it was so much fun .. but MAN, did we get lost, lol. it took us just over an hour & we only got through half of it! they has a smaller kiddie maze (top left), that was more my style, haha!

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