Tuesday, March 4, 2008

long time no post!

well, there are a LOT of pictures i just uploaded here to make up for it, lol. hopefully i am not responsible for crashing anoyone's computer! i keep meaning to post things, and it's just such a pain to upload them all to photobucket & then move them over here ... but alas .. i've done it!

we've been getting a lot of real warranted smiles lately. don't they just melt your heart?? :*) i can't wait for the big toothless grins and giggles soon.

norah also had her first bath last week. yes, at over a month old, lol. normally she just comes into the shower with one of us - which, is actually easier, and probably uses less water. but it was fun to toss her in the tub once. as you can see, she really couldn't contain her excitement. ;)

ethan got a new bed, trundle, and nightstand last week. he loves it, adn it will really grow with him nicely. we can't use the boxspring, though, at least for now. it hikes the bed up somewhere near 3-4ish feet, lol! so for now the boxspring is in the trundle, and i'm not sure what we'll do with it. it's only 3 months old!

the circus was a blast, but i did tear up a bit when they had the elephants out in the beginning. i'm not sure we'll go again.... maybe to a animal-free one, but the kids did love it!

kayleigh got a "free hat" with her $12 cotton candy. isn't that nice of them? lol
and norah, the party animal she is, slept through the entire thing!

love baby yawns! i take a picture of them anytime i can. i would love to have a while big album of them, lol!
i finally got a picture of the kids in the matching pj's i made them all. they were not very cooperative, lol.

my view most of the day, lol.
the kids are always giving norah "toys" when she's sleeping. here's a haba toy one of them decided she needed the other day.

my big kid. he never buys anything, and then buys this crazy expensive robot one day, lol. the kids love it.

it was dr. suess's bithday the other day, and kayleigh's teacher dressed up for the occasion!
yesterday was pretty nice (but WINDY!), so we hit the park for a couple hours.

i took it out of auto for this one- woohoo!

i promise to try and keep updated more! it's just so darn busy around here! john gets off the ship in 3 weeks. it's surreal we'll be leavinghere soon & be off to denver. i am so excited to teach the kids to ski, though! maybe i'll even learn to snowboard - lol. doubtful!


Anonymous said...

We had the same thing happen when we bought Caetlyn's twin bed. We found out most of them aren't meant to have box springs. We gave the box spring to someone who wasn't using a bed frame so it worked out.

Do you have to transfer your pics to photobucket before posting on the blog? I started a blog on here a month or so ago and it takes my pics right off my computer. No need for photobucket.

jenn said...

libbe, i don't HAVE to transfer the pics to photobucket, but i do so i don't take up the space on my picassa acct. i'm at 96% full on that right now, lol. i think i'm going to have to upgrade & pay the $20 a year which sucks ...

crazylady said...

Your kids are so cute! And getting so big! The baby is a doll!