Wednesday, March 26, 2008

easter weekend.

saturday we went down to the outer banks for the day. john leaves next monday for texas, and when he gets back in june, we leave virginia for good. we've been trying to get as many day trips in as possible the past few weeks.

you *should be able to click the pics to see the bigger version.

this is jockey's ridge. there are some great big sand dunes that are a great calf workout, lol. it's pretty windy at the top, though, so we didn't stay too long. the kids were getting pelted with sand, and even though norah was in the babyhawk, she had sand in her EARS!

i think i'm going to order a remote. the timer thing is just a pain. we took this shot a few times, and i'd just run back as fast as i could, but i'd still only make it just in time for it to snap, lol.
wish i didn't chop his head here. :/ it's still sweet, but would have been better with john's whole head, lol.

norah, of course sleeping the whole time!
"fist one to the top is a pretty flower!" .... better than the last being a rotten egg, eh?

he was pretty high up here. wish i could have gotten a little more at eye level. workin' on it!

afterwards we went to the beach bread company, a new, panera-like restaurant. they were so nice and accommodating. i think we were there for an hour and a half, lol.

we also went to see horton hears a who! before heading home, and it was adorable! enough in there for adults to enjoy, but not too adult like shrek (which i can't stand), but still goofy enough for kids to enjoy. we'll definitely be buying that one.

we missed dying eggs saturday since we were gone for the day, so we did it easter morning.
after that was one last egg hunt...

the best shot i got of the three of them. three is HARD to get a good shot of, lol.

norah confused at all the ruckus.

we're going away on saturday. we're going to head up to philly for a few days to visit family (and each cheese steaks, pound cake, and shop at ikea). ethan is SO excited, we've got tickets for medieval times in MD on the way up. he keeps talking about seeing "real knights." and of course kayleigh can't wait to see the princess, either, lol!

i'm not sure i'll be updating before john leaves, as it will probably be a madhouse, but i'll be sure to update the picasa albums when we get back. :)


Maggii said...

Beautiful Pictures....I love the family portrait on the beach. You have such a beautiful family.

Barbs said...

Great pics! I miss VA beaches...Where are you guys going next? Are you moving to TX? You need to update your profile on your aren't waiting for #3 anymore. :-p

Anonymous said...

You always have such beautiful pics!

Anonymous said...

You've got some great photos!! I LOVE the one of ethan on the hill! The color is amazing!!!!

Also think you did a great job with the pic with the timer, you don't look like you had to run to get in the pic!!