Tuesday, February 12, 2008

recent goings on.

it's so busy around here all the time anymore! it's totally strange because baby girl sleeps all day and night still for the most part, lol. she does have a cranky period in the evenings, no crying or anything - just a little whiny if she doesn't get her way (aka being held while standing up only, lol), lol.. thankfully she's still sleeping all night minus a couple late night snacks and diaper changes.

cute little fluffy butt. i didn't get many "designer" diapers this time ... i'm just too cheap for what goes UNDER the clothes to be so fancy anymore .... it was fun the first time around, but this being #3 in cloth, i'm going for cheap and reliable for the most part - which pretty much means fuzzi bunz. this one is by fluffymail.

john took this one - it's pretty creepy, lol. that is kayleigh's bitty. she got her from my MIL for her first birthday.

sunday we went to the virginia living museum. we love it there. we don't get up there much, but it's definitely a fun place to go. it really shows you what virginia is all about, plus many of their animals are rescues, which is even better! if you live in hampton orads and haven't been - GO! try to go on a day that isn't too cold, though, as the best parts of the museum are outside. :)

the lion fish! mr. seahorse is a classic around here. we've always got to visit the lionfish & the seahorse!

in the cypress swamp!
we brought the sling & the p&t. it was nice to be able to lay her down for a little, although i do need to get a picture of her in the sling while she's still little, and all is peeking out is her little head. :) we're really loving the KKAFP. i'm so happy to have FINALLY got the pouch thing down, although still no luck with the cradle position. i have been able to nurse in it, though - whic i've never been able to accomplish in my ring slings!
checking out the otters. :)

this picture cracks me up. john didn't know i was taking it, but he looks like he's all posed for a magazine or something, lol. pit stop at wawa for a diaper change!

sunday was really windy, like crazy windy. going throug the tunnel to get home, one side was closed. we couldn't figure out why until we got through & saw all the smoke. apparently there was a big brush fire in suffolk started by someone burning trash or the likes.

THEN, when we were getting closer to home, we saw more smoke. apparently right over the border in NC there are more brush fireas, and as of now, tuesday night - they're still burning. all i smell is burning wood outside. it's pretty creepy. i can't imagine what the people closer are feeling. chesapeake (where we live) has a ban on burning anything outside right now. scary stuff!

today was a nice lazy day at home. just catching up on cleaning and laundry. a nice break. back to business tomorrow, though. friday my parents are coming into town - so that should be fun! be back with more pictures soon, hopefully.

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