Tuesday, February 19, 2008

one month!

norah is one month old already! she is starting to come out of that newborn sleep, and we're even getting some real smiles. :)

the last time she was weighed was 2 weeks ago & was 10lbs on the nose. she's still nursing quite often, and althoug hshe's up for longer periods of time, is still napping like a pro (minus a rough weekend of crankyness).

she's started getting a "fussy" period every night. seems like she might be gassy? she seems uncomfortable for a few hours, and just wants to be held and walked/bounced. which was pretty much what she wanted to do all weekend, too. thankfully yesterdat day was much better than the 3 days before, and she seemed a lot more comfortable.

here's norah in the 1 month onesie i made ... it's the weirdest onesie. short and wide. my kids are long and skinny variety, so this one is weird. i guess that's what you get for a dollar, lol. the rest should fit much better.

i also took a picture of her with our sock monkey. a friend did something similar every month with her son, & it was really cute to see how much bigger he got next to the stuffed animal every month. :)

...and how mean am i? that is one big bow! no worries - she won't be wearing it anywhere, lol.

everyone wanted in on the fun. :)

as you can see, the kids just love norah ... but maybe a little too much, lol. about 2 seconds later, she was DONE. love her face here, especially with the arms. haha!

feetsies! k, n, e.
it's been pretty cold out (or rainy when it's warm, lol), so we've been stuck inside a lot. the kids have been a little wild because of staying in so much. i can't wait for it to warm up a bit again.
john bought "me" a new computer friday. i say "me," because it's really for him, lol. he loves all the tech stuff & our old computer was just fine ... maybe a little slow .. but it worked. now we're having issues with vista & the router, so i have to either pick having a phone or internet connection until he fixes it. and the laptop can't connect .... fun stuff! but ann! we bought a new monitor - you'll get yours back soon, lol.
since john was oh-so-helpful all weekend while he was trying to figure out the computer issues, and baby girl was mc cranky pants, i pulled out the babyhawk so i could get some things done. she loved it, and so did i. :)

i was skeptical at first about buying one since they a bit expensive, and i already have an ABC, but a couple days before she was born, i just went for it. i'm glad - love the headrest! she passed right out.

so, the amby has still gone unused. shocking? john still wants to give it a shot, but that's because he isn't the one getting up at night, lol. when she's in bed with us, i get a full night's sleep! she does look awfully cozy in there, though!

we played hullabaloo for about an hour yesterday. it's so much fun, and such an easy game for little kids. i'm got to try to find more like this.


Angelique said...

I can't believe Norah is already a month old! She's so adorable! Is she the only one with dimples - or dimple - it looks likd two but I can't really tell. She's beautiful, tho!

Kristine said...

Ry has the same polka-dot shirt that Norah is wearing in the first pic, lol! I love the picture of the kid's feet.