Wednesday, February 6, 2008

long time no update. :)

i'm so frustrated with the whole photobucket thing, i've pretty much only ben updating my picasa album, and skimping here. so, if you want to see more new pics, go HERE, and check out late january & the new february album. :)

i still haven't gotten the pictures back from the photographer, but soon hopefully - i'd like to use one or two with the birth announcement. i made a mock-up with another picture, and i think they will look nice. if i don't get the ones from the photographer by the weekend, i'll just take something myself. she's almost 3 weeks old already, so i don't want to mail out pictures of a toddler. ;)

i've got all the envelopes addressed, and all the info printed & cut ... here's the mock up ... i actually don't really like that picture because the coloring is all off & she looks creepy. :/ maybe i can get a photoshop pro to fix it up, lol. you should be able to click on the pictures to enlarge them. but who knows with photobucket.

i took these last week. just playing around with my camera, that i still don't know how to use, lol. she's getting so big already. i wish i could stop time.

it's been so nice out the past couple of days, we took advantage of it & went to the playground for a couple hours. it was so nice to be able to take norah outdoors for more than a minute or two! definitely refreshing for my mood, too. :)
we took the p&t out for her (his? their?) first stroll, and norah approved! here it is in infant/toddler mode (toddler seat on top).
snoozin' away!
kayleigh showing off her "bling," lol!

what i wake up to every morning. :) sweet little sleepy baby smiles.

taken by the two year old. :) hence the uber-flattering angle.
today we met up with friends for ice cream, and when i was uploading the pictures tonight, i realized we had very similar pics from a year ago. it's going to be tough moving in june. this place really feels like "home."

ice cream for dinner? sure! why not?! :)
so sweet, even sharing his ice cream. :)
about 10 minutes before the sugar kicked in and there were 4 wild kids running around the place. :) what a difference a year makes! feb. 2007 here ...

my matchy-matchy girls (girlS!). wish i liked gymboree more - it would be easy to coordinate them with that! :)

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Jen said...

Norah is getting big fast...she's sooo adorable and I think she looks a lot like Ethan : ).