Monday, June 2, 2008


most of you have already seen this .... but i'm posting it here for those that haven't! i am so proud - i actually followed a pattern for the first time in my life! maybe i can break in that ottobre issue i bought a ew months ago ... after the move, of course.

thank goodness may is over. i can't take any more of may. my husband will be home in 5 days! even though we'll be homeless and car-less in a week, it's a-o-k in my book. just as long as we're all together again. and i stop breaking things ... cars, bones, lol ... (no john, i didn't really just laugh out loud ;))....

the pattern for this top can be found for free HERE. i wish it included other sizes. maybe once we move i can try upsizing it a litle bit. not sure i'm in that league yet. :P it's really not crooked. just hanging funny on the hanger.

hmmm ... not sure i like posting pictures from flickr here ... any tips? norah looks all digital-ized. hopefully you can click for a clearer pic.

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