Thursday, June 19, 2008


it's been a while! so much has happened! moving day finally came & went last week. it was crazy busy, & i'm just glad it's over with. all of our household goods are packed up & sitting in colorado waiting for us!

we did get into housing. john was at carmax unloading the focus while the packers were there, and he got a call from the housing office. the house is only three bedroom, and it's a 4plex instead of twin ... but it's a house, and basically pretty similar to what we were in in virginia. unfortunately it won't be ready until july 17th.

right now we're staying at my mom's in north carolina (the van is STILL being repaird at teh toyota in virginia - it should be ready any day now, so they say), and will heard out west next friday. from then until we get into housing we'll be staying in a hotel! yikes. 17 days in a hotel.

we actually moved the day of kayleigh's dance recital. we spent the night befor ein out house with no furniture! just an air matress and sleeping bags. :) it sucked.
the recital was so cute. kayleigh got a little shy for a bit, but with 15 people staring at you 5 feet away - who wouldn't?! lol
she said next year she wants to take gymnastics. we'll see how it goes with school, ect. but we'll probably sign her up if she still shows interest.

i'm going to miss having a yard! our new house in co only has a patio. that will be a big change for us.

norah turned 5 months old yesterday! it's getting harder to get these pics every month! she wants to eat the monkey, lol.

here's a link to all the months together -

5 months old!


makakona said...

i hope the hotel doesn't suck TOO bad. :\ but at least it's all done and over and you're moving on to the next adventure!

i never realized you had a sheepskin. where did you get yours? are the ikea ones legit? i know they sell them, i've just never looked at one. they're $30.00 there versus twice as much everywhere else.

i can't believe how big norah is! she's SO cute! and yes, we have kayleigh's old navy nightgown in pink AND blue. :)


Kristine said...

Oh, I just love the pics! The first one is too funny.

Maggii said...

wishing you safe travels......