Saturday, May 17, 2008

two bags to go!

we ended up coming home from vacation friday afternoon instead of saturday morning. it worked out well, but i'm STILL unpacking! i am down to the last two bags - norah's. she does not travel light, lol.

in my defense, i did install two car seats today, clean the garage, wash, fold, and put away two loads of laundry, and vacuum. my fabric and sewing stuff was getting a little overwhelming in the garage. it's taken care of now, although i did have to snag another big rubbermaid tub for fabric. i'd like to get down to two tubs again, but i need to do some serious stash-busting first.

ethan's birthday was tuesday. he is now THREE! i can't believe it. i made him a pirate hat cake, and he had tons of stuff to open since family was all around! :)

next up is kayleigh's birthday, june 23rd. i have most of her gift ready to go. just need a couple last minute things. i want to have it all ready before we move since we may be living in a hotel on her birthday!

there are a ton of pics starting HERE (and a bonus vid of norah). i'll stick some below, too. :)

the cake!
unfortunately i should have realized the piping was going to slide down doing it the night before, but he still approved!

it's official - he's THREE! (he picked the candle placement, lol)

the first couple days it was pretty cold & windy. VERY windy. so we hit up the aquarium on roanoke island again. it's a small aquarium, but it beats the one in virginia beach, hands down!

my biggest fish!

in her twirly dress!

squeaker. :)
she thought the pool was pretty cool. it was like a giant bath tub at 89 degrees.

all three. norah's face CRACKS me up! she'd just come outside & the sun was BRIGHT! she looks like such a party pooper here, lol.
tomorrow is norah's "4 month" birthday, so i'll have to squish her into her 4mo onesie (maybe diaper-less she'll fit? :P) for her month picture. she's getting so big so fast, i can't believe it!

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Tamara *pieces of me* said...

Great pics! Love the cake! Norah's swimsuit (brown Gap one w/birdies) was one of my favorites last year for Alannah! I wish she could still fit it :( I ended up selling it on eBay lol.