Monday, May 5, 2008


i haven't actually sewed anything in a LONG time. well, besides the quilt front ... but that was a quick 30 minute project. i made this round neck top for kayleigh with a pattern by that*darn*kat. it was pretty easy & super fun. still minus the buttons to hold it on. ;)

i have one cut for norah in size 2/3 (the smallest the pattern goes) in some mod alexander henry fabric. it may be a bit too big, though. it will hopefully fit her this fall/witer with a top & jeans under. i may try to downsize it, or ask around to see if anyone else has done well with doing it.


Tamara *pieces of me* said...

Oh wow.. I love this style dress and the fabric you used. Do you sell these??

jenn said...

thanks, tamara! i don't ... but maybe one day when i get my stuff together, lol!!