Monday, April 14, 2008

bedding sneak peek.

i'm making norah some bedding for the sidecar/crib. so far i've got two flannel fitted sheets and the quilt (my first!) cut up and ready. i also am going to make a cute ruffle pillow, that i am 1/2 way done. i don't have any pictures of that, though.

here's the first sheet i did last week. all the fabric is form sandi henderson's line for micahel miller called ginger blossom.

both of the sheets are flannel & super soft. all the sheets i've made of the kids are flannel. i'm a sucker for a soft sleeping space.

the start of my first quilt. no promises. it doesn't look like it's going to be very straight, even with all the measuring i did today, no two pieces are the same size, lol. we'll see!
all laid out!


Gracie said...

Looks great! One question- when you side car the crib how do you get out of bed if John is home? I am thinking of doing this but with Kevin on the other side of me I am not sure how I would get up to go the bathroom.

makakona said...

gracie, you get out of bed any dang way you can!

jenn, i LOVE it! do you have a quilting square template thing? and a rotary blade? they're uber cheap and make cutting squares a cinch! i've yet to expand beyond doll quilts, but you inspire me!

Maggii said...

Oh that quilt is going to be gorgeous!